About us


SinclaireStyle S.r.l. is the recording/publishing label created and founded by best seller Eurobeat & Hyper Techno composer and producer Bratt Sinclaire.

Since 1990 Bratt Sinclaire (born Andrea Leonardi) was used to be a free-lance producer for A.Beat.C label.

A.Beat.C. started its business in dance-music market by accepting a long-term partnership with the Japanese Avex-Trax.

Linked by old friendship with A.Beat.C. founder Alberto Contini, Sinclaire was involved in label’s activity until 1995 by composing and producing more than 200 tracks. Most of them truly represented a brand-new Eurobeat and Techno trend in Japan: “King & Queen” by King and Queen, “Tora tora tora” by Domino later on covered by Max,  “Mystery in love” by Virginelle later on covered by Yoko Oginome, “Burning love” by D.Essex later on covered by Namie Amuro, “Tokyo Tokyo” by D.Essex later on covered by V6/Coming century, F.A.Y. by M.M.M. and many more… 

In 1995 Sinclaire, tired of being a free-lance producer, co-founded Delta label together with Laurent Newfield (producer) and Clara Moroni (singer). 

In the ten years that followed Bratt Sinclaire composed and produced about 280 tracks and many of them became highly popular in Japan. 

“Yesterday” by Cherry later on covered by D&D, “Speedway” by Niko, “Heartbeat” by Nathalie later on covered by Passion, “Boom boom fire” by D.Essex, “When I close my eyes” by Cherry, “Love generation” by Suzy Lazy and many, many more…

Thanks to Sinclaire’s smashing hits, Delta reached an unbelievable success. 

Sinclaire’s tunes best ranked each and every Avex’s on demand request-countdown/chart-compilation called S.E.B. (Supereurobeat) from 1996 to 1999 and from 2000 to 2006.

Sinclaire’s “Night of fire” by Niko later on covered by lots of asian artists like: Dream ,Hinoi Team, Mayumi Morinaga, Snuff, got S.E.B. Vol. 100 compilation winning three Japanese golden albums for the year 2000 by RIAJ (Recording Industries Association of Japan). “Gold Album of the year”, “Animated album of the year”, ”Special product of the year”. 

At the very beginning of year 2006 Sinclaire’s partner at Delta was interested in trying out new partnerships with other Japanese Dance-market players other than Avex. 

So, after 16 long years of amazing successes, Sinclaire decided to move out and take a year off. Therefore, right after the refreshing period of time, he’s got back and presented his brand-new step in such a tremendous career:

SinclaireStyle S.r.l.